Editor’s note: This post originally appeared on the site on May 25, 2016, but since this conversation never gets old, let’s talk grits.


I grew up in northern New Jersey, and during my childhood, grits were a common breakfast staple. As my grandmother, who spent the majority of her life in places like Alabama and Florida, would add salt, butter and pepper to her grits, I took the sweeter route and would routinely add butter and sugar. I mean, what kid is going to say no to sugar?

Even as an adult, I still occasionally like to add sugar if I’m having grits for breakfast. But dinner is another thing. The more savory, the better.

But God forbid you admit to putting sugar on your grits. You’d think from people’s reactions that the world was about to come to an abrupt end.



And then there are actually people who hate grits. Like, how can you hate on such a versatile food?

For example, my dear friend singer Mela Machinko, she hates grits. I have no idea what a grit has ever done to her, but hate is probably too light of a term to use.

I’m not sure if sugar grits (ohh … that sounds like a good name for a band) are a regional thing or not. But don’t ever tell me not to put sugar on my grits. Because I refuse to stop.


If you prefer butter, salt and pepper, I will not look down on you. But I will look down into the bowl I’m about to devour for breakfast and mind my own gritty business.