Gospel Singer Marvin Sapp Claims Ruth’s Chris Manager Kicked Him Out of Restaurant

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On Saturday, Marvin Sapp and his group of friends attempted to have dinner at a Ruth Chris restaurant in Chicago but said they were refused service because of their clothing.


Sapp posted the incident on his Facebook page, and listed the restaurant manager’s name:

One guest in the restaurant attempted to dispute Sapp’s claims on Facebook, which he offered a rebuttal to:

Leah-Courtney Kelly Wow one putting someone's name or information that isn't yours online is wrong also I was sitting in the restaurant eating that day and actually sir you were wearing sweatpants and they have a business casual dress code that is printed and VISIBLE when you walk in. The manager asked if he had pants to change into, or if he wanted to come back he would buy him some appetizers but he was being ignorant I wish people would stop using this as a race thing like what ? People go into that restaurant all the time dressed poorly and they are always asking people if they have something to change into and instead of people understanding they throw fits like this guy. SERIOUSLY they're are people dying of starvation in this world and here we have someone bitching that he's not allowed to eat at a steak house seriously people look at the bigger picture this post is such first world problems and everyone is feeding into it. Amazing how much gluttony runs in the people in this country.

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 The Official Marvin Sapp Page @Leah-Courtney Kelly Didn't have on sweat pants… Had on a pair of Robbins Cargo pants, black t-shirt and Jordan's. Also there was a 8 month pregnant woman with us also. None of us were dressed differently from anyone else in the restaurant respectfully. My issue is seeing people seated with ripped jeans and being told a rule that wasn't being applied to all patrons…. Rules are made to be followed but not selectively enforced.

If Ruth Chris did deny Sapp service, even though there were other people casually dressed in the restaurant, then apparently there are some issues that need to be looked into. According to Sapp, he has yet to hear back from the restaurant.

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