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Give Diddy the NFL Now

Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images for Entertainment Weekly
Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images for Entertainment Weekly

Diddy has a message for Roger Goodell and the NFL: Let me #TakeDat #TakeDat.

The richest man in hip-hop for 2017 took to social media Wednesday to put in a bid to buy the NFL. In an Instagram post, Diddy proposed “our own” league where black players could express themselves however they saw fit.


“My DREAM IS TO OWN OUR OWN LEAGUE. WHERE YOU CAN BE YOURSELF. Have a retirement plan,” wrote the hip-hop mogul. “Have the freedom to be a great human and protest for your people without being demonized for your beliefs as a KING!!!!!”


C’mon. Freedom of speech and a better retirement plan? What’s not to love here?

Diddy, never one for subtlety, made his case again on Twitter with a simple, all-caps declaration: “SELL ME THE NFL NOW!!!!”

Forbes estimated Diddy’s net worth at $820 million earlier this year. The magazine noted that he was “closing in” on 10-digit wealth thanks to his deal with Ciroc, as well as his stakes in Revolt TV, Aquahydrate (an alkaline-water brand) and DeLeon tequila.


According to the New York Daily News, the average NFL team costs about $1 billion to purchase.

Diddy clearly can’t buy the entire league, but I do know the D(iddy)FL could take my money. At least it’d have a national anthem that slaps.

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Kaiser Khan

There should be a BLM-centric sports league where athletes are treated like people instead of gladiators/race horses/fighting dogs, you know, in other words, property.