Girls Trip Hits $100,000,000 at Box Office, Proving Yet Again That Hollywood Should Always Bet on Black

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Universal Pictures

Girls Trip, the breakout hit of the summer, has crossed the $100 million mark at the box office, proving, yet again, that movies for and by black people can put asses in theater seats.


The comedy—starring Jada Pinkett Smith (black), Queen Latifah (black), Tiffany Haddish (black) and Regina Hall (black); directed by Malcolm D. Lee (black); produced by Will Packer (black) and Lee (did I mention … ?); written by Kenya Barris (black) and Tracy Y. Oliver (take a guess ... )—also made history by being the first film starring and written, produced and directed by African Americans to earn $100 million at the box office, according to

The stars and creators of the film took to social media to take a well-deserved victory lap:


With Girls Trip and Jordan Peele’s Get Out, which has earned over $250 million worldwide since coming out earlier this year, there really shouldn’t be any more questions about giving black filmmakers the opportunities to tell different types of stories.

The question is, will Hollywood listen to what theatergoers have been telling them for a while now?

Genetta M. Adams is Managing Editor of The Root.

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Black filmmakers have always been able to sell a viable product. But Hollyweird doesn’t want mainstream america to start shifting their internal dialogue from blacks are XYZ to blacks are positive contributors in society as well.