Getting To Know Us: Yes, Jordan Peele Has a Doppelgänger. Can You Guess Who It Is?

Getting to Know Us: The Cast Of Jordan Peele’s Latest Film Plays “Never Have I Ever” / The Root

Jordan Peele, Lupita Nyong’o, Winston Duke, Shahadi Wright Joseph, and Evan Alex are promoting this little movie named, Us. You may have heard of it? *wink*

That’s right, the Wilsons and the man who created them decided to join The Root for some press shenanigans—and good times were had by all.

So, we decided to play one of our favorite games here at The Root: “Never Have I Ever.” For Us. By us. Unfortunately, I didn’t have any shots to provide the adults of the crew, but Jordan did note it was like 10:30 a.m. anyway. (Which means I really should’ve offered mimosas.)


From whether they’ve ever threatened someone with a bat to whether they’ve ever gone downstairs when they’ve heard a strange noise, Jordan and the cast gave us some great material.

First-meeting observations: Lupita is so poised, she makes you sit up straighter by default. Jordan has the most intense eyes I’ve ever seen. The kids—Evan and Shahadi—make a fabulous ball of energy. Winston is unbelievably fine and charismatic.

Whew. Anyway.

As you know, the film centers around the concept of doppelgängers, and I must say, Jordan had the most hilarious response. His twin? None other than Geoffrey Owens, also known as Elvin from The Cosby Show (as well as the sweet and talented man who was unfortunately job-shamed but ended up winning in the end).


Since he’s gearing up to remake the black horror classic, I asked Jordan whether he’d ever played Candyman in the mirror.


And well, if your interest is piqued, check out the video above. Plus, you get to see Winston go up for shea butter like the true king he is.

Us premieres in theaters Friday, March 22.

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Archaeyopterix Majorus

No comments. Man. Write an ‘Us’ review for Michael or whomever to publish on the front page. I don’t see the conversation posts populating at io9 nor A.V. Club, so I thought, “Sure, The Root should have one up—”

Nope. Just saw it, LOVED it, was really a true ‘mystery’ suspenseful, like a Hitchcock, constantly building scenes of tension. Not sure I dig the ‘explanation’, but the problem I was fascinated by. It has a very ready post-modern interpretation of we are our own worst enemies, being killed by ourselves (pulled down) all the time by our base most impulses and shedding our civilized selves for the empowerment of amorality and taking when you want, whatever the action or item you desire, ‘human’ law-lessness (and how CURRENT would this interpretation be??). Even a message we need to silence and kill that ‘other ‘ us (the lawless, base, indulgent human hordes that are monsters choosing fantasy at the cost of reality) before they kill us (rational, enlightened people).  Or also there is ‘us’ whom we believe and envision ourselves to be and make real like avatars, who we are, and then a racism commentary, what if we were the physical manifestation of how a person would be (incomplete and base) if they were the stereotype/animal that the racist envisions as sub-human.

Loved the twist.