Get Your Life Together! Recent Fla. High School Grad Didn’t Miss a Day of School in 13 Years

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You may be sad if you compare your slacker life with that of 17-year-old Victoria Jordan.

The recent graduate from Paxon School for Advanced Studies in Jacksonville, Fla., was honored along with two other classmates for making it through 13 years of school without missing a single day, reports People magazine.

“They were kind of surprised because they thought every single student missed a day, but when they realized it was a couple students that had never missed a day, they were like, ‘Wow,’” Victoria said.


The Duval County public school system honored Victoria and two classmates at their graduation ceremony Tuesday.

She must get that work ethic from her mama.

“If you sign up for the job, you needed to be there,” said her mother, Joyce Jordan. “So, we felt the same way about school.”

Victoria plans to study software engineering at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona Beach in the fall.

And before you feel like a total failure, you should know that although Victoria never missed a day from kindergarten through 12th grade, she was late on occasion.


“I had to press snooze on my alarm clock three times, and that kind of made me late to school, but I managed to make it,” she said.

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Cardi B's Other Shoe

My life will forever be a mess because these trifling fuckers are lucky if I come in for 13 days without missing a day.