George Zimmerman, the gun-wielding night watchman who gunned down Trayvon Martin, is now speaking out about a tweet that was recently posted from his account.

Two weeks ago, Zimmerman retweeted a photo that an “admirer” sent him but alleges that he didn’t realize the photo was a picture of the teen’s dead body.

In a letter tweeted by Zimmerman, he stated, “I did not click on the blocked image to preview it prior to re-tweeting it.” He went on to state that he was “simply acknowledging what I believed to be words of encouragement.”

“As many have learned about me throughout my trial and subsequent events, I hold my Christian values very close. I believe that me knowingly re-tweeting that image, would not be looked upon favorably by God; therefore I would not do it,” Zimmerman continued.

Too bad those Christian values didn’t prevent him from killing Trayvon, or even beating up his own girlfriend. If those are Christian values, I don’t want any part of them.


Tune in next week, when Zimmerman doesn’t do something else Zimmerman-like.