Gayle King and the lipstick that was too bright for Oprah Winfrey
Gayle King via Instagram    

When you have a girlfriend who’s been by your side through ups and downs and thick and thin, you’d expect her to come through with a few good words of advice, even on social media.

On Wednesday I sent an instant message to a friend about a dress purchase I wanted to make, and she quickly shot it down, saying that it was a bit too Kardashian. I got her point, and more than likely won’t make the purchase.


Although my girlfriend and I haven’t been friends as long as Gayle King and Oprah Winfrey have, we still catch each other at those, “Girl, what were you thinking” moments. And that’s the exact tone Winfrey took on King’s Instagram Wednesday.

King posted a photo from the set of her morning news show, and to the average eye, King’s makeup looked pretty good. Although I didn’t see the show live, I thought King’s lipstick was a pretty shade of red. But nope, not Winfrey.

According to King’s Instagram comment, Winfrey phoned a friend and let her know otherwise. “@Oprah just called & said tell your makeup artist waaaay too red on the lips today and I said proudly ‘I did that MYSELF’ Dead silence on the line … Hello ??hello?” King wrote.

That dead silence is all too familiar. The same dress I sent my friend, I sent to a sister. After five minutes of silence on Instant Messenger, her reply was, “Ummm. No.”


What are friends and sister-girls for if they can’t give you that unfiltered advice? No one wants to go around looking like Bobo the Clown and have strangers point out their bad makeup or outfits.

I’m quite sure there have been times when King has grabbed Winfrey by her arm and said, “You may want to rethink that outfit,” because that’s what friends are for.

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