Gay Rapper Joins Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood but Says Male Cast Members Won’t Shoot Scenes With Him

Diana Ozemebhoya Eromosele
Milan Christopher

There are two theories circulating concerning why Milan Christopher, the newest cast member of the reality show Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood, is reportedly having a difficult time filming scenes with his cast mates.

According to TMZ, sources say that Christopher believes it's because he's gay, and the other rappers and singers on the show, like Omarion, Ray J and Soulja Boy, are keeping their distance because they're homophobic.


But other sources say the cast mates think that Christopher doesn't have a meaty-enough résumé to be on the show. They think his sexuality is being used as a gimmick and are questioning his hip-hop credentials.

Christopher is a rapper and promotes his music on his Instagram page. He has also reportedly written stuff for other musicians. TMZ says that a few of the cast mates told producers that they would not be filming scenes with Christopher.


We'll see how this all shakes out when the new season airs Sept. 7.

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