Rapper Future; Russell Wilson and Ciara
Trevor Collens/Getty Images; Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Although Future didn't just come out and start blabbering about his sex life with Ciara, he didn't exactly bite his tongue, either. The rapper was prompted by a question posed to him during an interview with HuffPost Live, about whether he and Ciara waited for some time to have sex. And that question was prompted by Russell Wilson's revelation last week that God told him "to lead Ciara" and practice abstinence with her in their new relationship.

Future said that he and Ciara did not wait, but his response seemed, well, unsettling, since he was laughing and grinning as he divulged the goods about the role that sex played in his and Ciara's relationship.  

"God didn't tell me [that]," Future said after he was told what Wilson said. "God told me something else," he said, grinning. 

"We prayed afterwards, though. After we did it, we prayed," Future said, laughing. 


It's all a bit distasteful, given that Ciara is the mother of his 1-year-old son, also named Future. 

It seemed apparent that no good would come from Wilson's speaking about how he and Ciara are practicing abstinence. It's certainly an option that should be spoken about more often, since the alternative—having premarital sex—seems to be given more play in public discourse. But all of that chatter, especially for celebrity relationships, opens the floodgates to this kind of commentary from exes and the like, along with naysayers who are waiting to hold Ciara and Wilson accountable if they don't stay true to their word. 


Ciara caught wind of Future's comments and posted tweets about how Future is a liar and how he should be concerned about being the best father he can be.  



As he and Ciara continue to promote their respective projects, they'll be compelled to reveal more and more stuff from their failed relationship. In a video posted to YouTube, Future opened up about what caused the demise of their relationship, citing thie "E! News wedding" that Ciara allegedly insisted on having, and the general celebrity lifestyle that Future didn't quite agree with. 

"I want to marry you but can't have no big wedding on E! News. I can't have all these big-ass media outlets cover my wedding, and I'm not comfortable," Future said, referencing the conversations he claimed that he and Ciara had. 


"I'm not even comfortable with the people in here. … I'm not comfortable about compromising—being the person that I am—being the man I am," he continued.

It's best that both parties stop speaking about the negativity that came out of their relationship and look to the future (literally their son, Future) in order to co-parent amicably. 


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