Omar Epps wore a leather skirt over pants for his recent appearance on The View.

Actor Omar Epps sparked a Twitter storm when he donned a leather skirt for his appearance on The View. But Epps isn’t the only man pushing the envelope when it comes to style. We found a few more famous men who are getting in touch with their feminine side when it comes to fashion and style.


In 2012, did rapper A$AP Rocky hit 106th and Park wearing a dress? Nope. The rapper claims it was merely an oversized shirt that just happened to look very dress-like.

Cam’ron’s Pink Mink and Matching Range Rover


Harlem rapper Cam’ron has been killing the game in his trademark all-pink ensembles. We’re pretty sure he has a monopoly on pink mink coats.

Snoop’s French Manicure


Snoop got a lot of flak for his recent French manicure. From detractors on Twitter to rapper 50 Cent, everyone had something to say. Snoop said he was “pimpin’.”


Rapper Cakes da Killa busted out some dope earrings for his “Goodie Goodies” video. To be honest, we want his whole outfit.



When Epps donned a skirt for his appearance on The View, a Twitter battle between comic Marlon Wayans and rapper Lord Jamar ensued. We think Epps looks good in whatever he wears. 


Kanye West could be called the originator of the men-in-skirts trend. The Chicago rapper has always been known to push the sartorial envelope. The rest of the men on this list could say, “Yeezy taught me.”