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French actress Alice Belaïdi seems to think her dog and Jill Scott resemble each other. So much so, she even named her dog “Jill.” Last week Belaïdi appeared on the French show Quotidien, hosted by Yann Barthès.

During the segment about people and their pets, Belaïdi discussed her dog “Jill,” and Barthès found the dog’s name amusing. Barthès then asked how she came up with the name.


“Because she looks like, according to me, it’s very subjective, to Jill Scott, the singer,” Belaïdi replied.

A side-by-side photo was shown on the screen, and Barthès disagreed with Belaïdi and said they did not resemble each other.


“They have the same nose, don’t argue,” Belaïdi said.

“No, but Jill Scott is much prettier!” Barthès replied, “She doesn’t look like a dog.”


Belaïdi made sure to let everyone know that Scott was her favorite singer, but umm ... yeah, maybe we shouldn’t compare people to animals?