YouTube Screenshot
YouTube Screenshot

An Ohio news anchor recently let a racist comment slip during a live telecast and right in front of her black co-anchor. Fox News Ohio’s Kristi Capel attempted to compliment Lady Gaga’s Oscar performance but ended up sounding more like a racist out of the 1940s.


“It’s hard to hear her voice, with all that jigaboo music, or whatever you want to call it,” Capel said.

Insert an awkward look from the co-anchor wearing a Steve Harvey-collection suit.


Here are a few examples of thoughts that may have run through this co-anchor’s mind:

“Oh no, she didn’t.”

“Where do they find these people?”

“Did this heifer really say jigaboo?”

“I can’t wait for this morning to end.”

“White people. I swear.”

“I wonder if I left the iron plugged in.”

Hopefully someone explained to Capel that “jigaboo” is a racist and derogatory term. I’m quite sure Lady Gaga wouldn’t describe her music as “jigaboo music.” 

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