Fox newscaster Harris Faulkner; Hasbro’s Harris Faulkner toy hamster
Mike Coppola/Getty Images; Hasbro Toys

Fox News weekend anchor Harris Faulkner is suing a toy company because she believes it's using her likeness for a toy hamster.

Faulkner filed a lawsuit in New Jersey against Hasbro Inc. for "creating, manufacturing, and distributing for sale a plastic toy hamster named 'Harris Faulkner' " as part of its toy line. 


The hamster, which is styled in a hat and has big eyes, is part of the company's Pet Pawsabilities line. The news anchor charges the company "willfully and wrongfully appropriated Faulkner's unique and valuable name and distinctive persona for its own financial gain."

The lawsuit also claims that the award-winning anchor's brand is being tarnished because of the hamster, which is actually no longer being sold by Hasbro. According to Faulkner, Hasbro never asked permission to use her name. She says the company has demeaned her by portraying her as a rodent. 

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