#ForTheDChallenge: Celebrities and People Across the Internet Rap About It

@issarae video screenshot via Twitter
@issarae video screenshot via Twitter

We have all gone to extremes or acted a fool for “the D” before. Don’t bother denying it. Somewhere in your past, or maybe even in your present, there has been a D you just couldn’t get enough of. One you would be willing to do anything for. Don’t bother lying in the comments, and don’t @ me on Twitter.

Enter the #ForTheDChallenge, which is all over Twitter and Instagram. People everywhere have posted videos of themselves rapping about what they would do for it, and believe me when I tell you, the videos are hilarious.

The first one I saw was from the always hilarious Khadi Don:


I laughed at hers for three days straight, and then I saw the one Erykah Badu and Michael Blackson made:

Are you weak yet?

Cardi B even took time to get in the mix:


On Tuesday, Issa Rae and Regina Hall figured they would break the internet by posting theirs. We lost our collective minds.


We started talking about it at work, and we even managed to convince Danielle Young to make a video. My girl got bars:


Corey Townsend, our weekend social media editor, wrote his own rhyme, but I could not convince him to make a recording, so instead, I present you with the lyrics to his rhyme right here:

A Popeyes moment

I’ll eat some Popeyes for the D. Grab some spicy for the d. Throw in an extra biscuit for the D,

Might even drizzle honey on the D. Two piece and a biscuit for D add some extra fries because I know I’m gonna be hungry after the D.

I’ll go vegan for the D. Nah because my man know I’ll need chicken to take the D. Family size for the D, no chicken wing goes unturned for the D. Suck the bone for the D, take off all the meat because a bitch still starving for the D.


OK, Corey! We see you!

Of course, not all of the good ones came from celebrities. Here are some of my favorites from the hashtag on Twitter:


Of course, you know I couldn’t write this post without making a video of my own.


Did you make a video for the #ForTheDChallenge? Let us know in the comments.

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This post went up at 2 am lmao, the Root at Night is lit. Also, this from Corey has me dead this morning:

Suck the bone for the D, take off all the meat because a bitch still starving for the D.