Jared Fogle leaves the courthouse Aug. 19, 2015, in Indianapolis. Fogle was part of a federal investigation that included a raid of his home in July 2015.
Joey Foley/Getty Images

It’s well-known that pedophiles don’t do well in prison, and Jared Fogle isn’t an exception to that rule. The former Subway spokesman is spending the next 16 years of his life in federal prison after pleading guilty to charges of child pornography and crossing state lines to pay for sex with minors.

In January, according to TMZ, Fogle was beaten to a pulp by Steven Nigg, a 60-year-old inmate who hates the fact that child predators are in a low-security prison. Fogle’s injuries included a bloody nose, swollen face and multiple scratches.


It’s going to be a long 16 years for Fogle.

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