Warrick Dunn
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Warrick Dunn was a star running back for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, but since his retirement he’s found a way to give back to those in need. Dunn, through Warren Dunn Charities, has given 145 homes and counting to single-parent families.


Dunn has helped the families by providing the down payments on their homes, and he recently announced his 145th family on Twitter.

“For me, it’s all about when the family walks through; it’s all about them,” Dunn said after he helped a single mom in the Tampa Bay, Fla., area.

Dunn’s charity gave the family the $5,000 down payment on the house, which Habitat for Humanity bought with a no-interest loan.

“This was my first professional home when I started with the Bucs, and I still live here. I’m always going to come back. This place was the birth of the program, and I can’t forget where I came from,” Dunn said.