Former NBA Star Chris Webber Wants Majority Ownership of the Atlanta Hawks

Chris Webber in 2012
Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Former NBA star Chris Webber is attempting to return to the game, but in a different capacity. Webber’s company, the Webber Group, informed NBA officials that it wants to purchase a majority interest in the Atlanta Hawks.

The group announced its intentions Thursday on Twitter:

Earlier this summer, Hawks owner Bruce Levenson and General Manager Danny Ferry came under fire after an email with racially insensitive comments came to light. Two years ago, Levenson stated that white people didn’t attend Hawks games because too many black people were in attendance. After those comments were publicized, Levenson agreed to sell his share of the team.


In another incident, Ferry made comments about British player Luol Deng, then with the Chicago Bulls, on a conference call with team owners this past summer. Ferry stated that Deng "has a little African in him." Ferry has been on leave from the team since September.

Currently, Michael Jordan is the only black owner of a NBA team, even though black players make up about 75 percent of the league's players and 45 percent of its viewing audience.

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