Marcus Camby, center (Getty Images)

A former NBA player is being sued over the wrongful death of his autistic nephew.


ESPN reports that Marcus Camby has been named the defendant in a wrongful death lawsuit over the drowning of his 9-year-old nephew in a pond on his Houston estate.

The child, Marcus Carter McGhee, traveled to his uncle’s compound from Hartford, Conn., during the Thanksgiving holiday last year. Little Marcus was found dead two days after he was reported missing.

The boy’s father, Marcus Kendall McGhee, alleges that Camby failed to supervise the child, who needed continuous adult supervision because of his special needs.

According to the Houston Chronicle, Camby released a statement after the November 2016 tragedy, saying, “While the outcome was tragic, the outpouring of support has truly touched us all. If God forbid, something like this happens in another family in our community, my family will be front and center with assistance.”


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