Abiola Aborishade

Abiola Aborishade, 23, is determined to play for the New England Patriots. So determined that, every day since April, he’s been standing outside the stadium while the team practices, hoping to catch someone’s attention. But the Nigerian-born Aborishade isn’t just some random fan of the sport. He played for the University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth, where he caught 84 passes in his senior year as the star wide receiver.

As Aborishade stands outside Gillette Stadium, he holds a sign that reads, “Talented, hardworking athlete, hoping for a chance to prove myself,” with his cleats in his hands.


You would think that someone in the Patriots organization would give him a try. I mean, what could it hurt?

“I know a lot of them by the cars they drive,” Aborishade told WCBV.

“Football is football no matter what level you play,” Aborishade said. “The speed does change, but understanding the game is a big part of it.”


Aborishade did catch the attention of  Patriots player Malcolm Butler. He posted Aborishade’s picture on his Facebook page.


Come on, Patriots. He has his cleats ready. Give the man a chance.