Forget About a Safety Pin; This Button Says a Lot More

Anti-bigotry button

What beats a safety pin as a sign of solidarity? Well, wearing a button that says you'll catch a beatdown if you catch a person being a bigot.

Writer and editor Margaret Killjoy is the genius behind the buttons that read, "I will do my best to [f—k] up any bigot who [f—ks]' with you." The $1 buttons are being sold on Etsy and are definitely more action than a measly safety pin.


“A friend of mine posted [online], ‘I don’t care if you wear a safety pin or not. I just want you to [f—k] up bigots.’ I wholeheartedly agreed,” Killjoy told the Huffington Post. “I want to encourage people to stand up for one another and not be bystanders to oppression, whether that oppression is individual or systemic. … I want people to have one another’s backs.”

Killjoy is also enabling people to make their own buttons by having the button pattern available on her Etsy site.

Since Donald Trump's election, it definitely seems as if e-commerce solidarity is on the rise. I guess in a world of "Get money," you should expect it. Now, if only everyone selling a T-shirt, pin or button would gather up their "posse"—I mean "entourage"—and protest in the streets with the black people who've been hitting the pavement forever.

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