For Your Nightmares Tonight, Here’s a Trump Cake

Trump cake

So here's how my day has gone.

I woke up. Wrote a little bit.

Had breakfast of champions wine.

Waded through about 50 white Trump supporters in my town to cast my vote. Imagine the movie Deliverance, with a few well-to-do people thrown in. One complimented me on my Frye boots, but I'm sure they were thinking, "How could she afford such expensive boots and a brand-new Jeep?" Because of Obama, bitches.


Came home.

Then had more wine. It was on sale, two for $10 at the grocery store.

I refuse to watch any of the numbers roll in.

In the words of Solange, I'm going to try to drink it away.

But now I'm pretty sure I'm going to have nightmares after seeing this tweet:

And this tweet:

And this tweet:


Furthermore, Michael Jordan's crying meme did not deserve this:


I think I'll head to bed now. It's only 6 p.m, but cheap wine gets me every time. Hopefully I won't have Trump-cake nightmares and he won't be president when I wake up. If that is the case, I have two tickets to Belize. Godspeed.

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