First She Beat Cancer, Now Leah Still Is Designing Her Own Flower Girl Dress for Dad’s Wedding

Devon and Leah Still at his tux fitting

Devon Still and his daughter, Leah, not only share a special father-daughter bond but have millions of people rooting for them. Now that Leah has successfully battled cancer, Still and his fiancee, Asha Joyce, are moving full steam ahead with their wedding plans.

The couple’s plans were put on hold to deal with Leah’s medical issues, but now, thanks to The Knot, they’ll get their dream wedding. And Leah is also having a dream come true: She gets to design her own flower girl dress, with the help of designer Hayley Paige.


In an interview with People magazine, Leah described her perfect dress, and of course, it’s pink.

“Lots and lots of glitter!” she said. “I’m a glitter girl.” 

Still spoke proudly of his daughter and her positive attitude, which one can see is definitely contagious.

“She’s just had the best attitude of fight and then move forward with life,” Still said. “And look where we are now. I’m getting married to my love, and Leah gets to be a part of this wedding. We overcame tragedy and are becoming a family. It’s like a fairy tale.” 

The wedding will not only be big but will also benefit others. The Knot has set up a charity registry for those in need and is raising money for families facing pediatric cancers.

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