First Look: Sherman's Showcase Is Bringing Black History Month to June and Adding Kente Cloth to Everything

Sherman’s Showcase “Black History Month Spectacular” (2020)
Sherman’s Showcase “Black History Month Spectacular” (2020)
Screenshot: IFC (YouTube )

You thought Black History Month ended in February? Well, Sherman’s Showcase has some news for you.


The comedy sketch series will be bringing that same Black History Month energy to June with its special, “Black History Month Spectacular,” debuting on Juneteenth, of course.

Sherman’s Showcase host Sherman McDaniels has dreamed of doing a Black History Month episode for decades,” creators and stars Bashir Salahuddin and Diallo Riddle said in a statement. “Thanks to IFC and AMC, he’s finally got the chance. Granted, Black History Month was in February. But Sherman said ‘No, trust me, let’s hold off until the world undergoes some fundamental change that forces everyone to stay at home and watch the Showcase.’ And Sherman got his wish. He’d also like to ask Tiger King’s Carole Baskin to stop using his signature phrase ‘cats and kittens,’ which he’s been using on the Showcase since 1973.”


In an exclusive clip obtained by The Root, Sherman McDaniel (Salahuddin) chats with guest star John Legend about Chicago House music and debuts the music video for “Add Some Kente.”

Add Some Kente | Sherman’s Showcase / IFC (YouTube)

Along with the concept with adding kente cloth to literally any—and everything, citing house music classic “Follow Me” and attributing it to Harriet Tubman being a comedic genius. I fell out at the Kunta Kinte caption at the end. This is already a Chicago classic!

If you’re looking for some laughs peppered with catchy music, I recommend this series. When the show first debuted, it got some social media viral attention via Black Twitter for its sketch, “Drop It Low (For Jesus).” Get into it.

The Sherman’s Showcase “Black History Month Spectacular” premieres June 19 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on AMC, with a follow-up airing on IFC at 11 p.m. ET/PT.

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