Fever: Megan Thee Stallion Will Drive the Boat This Summer and Beyond

Spotify Celebrates Megan Thee Stallion’s new album on May 16, 2019 in Houston, Texas.
Spotify Celebrates Megan Thee Stallion’s new album on May 16, 2019 in Houston, Texas.
Photo: Bob Levey (Getty Images for Spotify)

Megan Thee Stallion. Megan Thee Star.

Before we get to the nitty and the gritty that is the sublime rapper’s debut album, Fever, I want to take you on a fantastic voyage, quickly chronicling my introduction to her—and the stanning crescendo that followed.

Sometime last year, I saw the names “Tina Snow” and “Megan Thee Stallion” popping up on my timeline and—can I be frank? I know I’m Tonja, but would like to be frank right now—I thought they were two different people.


*cue teasing laughter*

I thought two new black female rappers had hit the scene, and was pleased. After all, it wouldn’t have been far-fetched; there is a new wave brewing and I’m excited about it.

Anyway, once I got over that identity crisis, I was first enchanted not by her music (I hadn’t dived into it yet), but her general aura. Megan is gorgeous, but there is also a confidence she exudes that is such peak bad bitch, a person in her orbit can’t help but soak up her energy.

And she is glad—hell, enthused—for black women around her to do just that. The Houston native not only inspires black women to embrace their power and own their unmatched sexuality, she requires it.


Like the best rappers in the hip-hop industry, Megan is quite braggadocious. And every ounce of it is valid. As an extension of that self-assurance, it is obvious she knows it’s wholly unnecessary to dim another’s light in order for hers to shine. She not only unapologetically shines her light in your face, she gives you batteries so you can shine just as brightly. And each and every bit of it is naturally and intentionally for black women. It shows. There are many reasons to love Megan, but I think that trait just may be my fave.

Plus, she just seems so fucking fun to hang around. If you follow the 24-year-old on social media, you may have noticed her enthusiastic call for fellow party-goers and fans to “drive the boat,” as she pours a certain liquor (such as Hennessy or D’Usse) down a woman’s throat.


Then, of course, there were her various freestyle videos. A couple of my faves are here...


... and here:


She’s so fucking good at it. It’s settled—I’m a fan.

Then, it got blazingly hot. About a week ago, Megan dropped a promo video, and we knew exactly what time it was. New album, hotties!


With that said, let’s get to my initial reactions of Fever—which I listened to before the sun even rose. Hot girl shit before the hottest girl—the sun—even made her daily debut.


Here are my short (so short, they’re tweetable) reactions to each song on the tracklist:

1. “Realer”: “Y’all niggas gotta pay me.” Right off the bat, Megan lets us know her M.O.: Get this money—preferably, from niggas. We got the power here.


2. “Hood Rat Shit”: Y’all know that the colloquialism, “I want to do hoodrat [shit] with my friends”? This the official anthem.

3. “Pimpin”: The line “These are simply instructions on how you should use my clit” is the Shakespeare of sexuality.


4. “Cash Shit” feat. Da Baby: Again, she says, “the pussy is the kitchen.” If you can’t stand the heat, get out.

5. “W.A.B.” (Weak Ass Bitch): Megan is here to tell you that nobody wants your damn man. Down with that weak catty mentality, ok, sis?


6. “Best You Ever Had”: “If a nigga bag, you know he a winner.” Megan knows she’s the prize. Let’s keep that same energy.

7. “Simon Says” feat. Juicy J: A perfect duo. This song has you stand at attention as the bad bitch soldier you are.


8. “Shake That”: An ass anthem.

9. “Money Good”: Listen up, Megan says “hide your wallet.” We are taking all of your money, OK, niggas?!


10. “Dance”: This one’s going up in strip clubs and dance clubs, alike. A bop.

11. “Ratchet”: “Finesse these niggas out of dollas, that’s a talent.” You sensing a theme here? Secure. The. Bag. Without. Apologies.


12. “Sex Talk”: This is the epitome of that braggadocious nature I mentioned earlier. She know she got that good-good.

13. “Bring Drank”: This is a spin on a pre-game song, not necessarily as an automatic turn-up, but good for kickin’ it in the whip on the way to the function.


14. “Running Up Freestyle”: This is the gem that birthed the glorious “I don’t even chase liquor, why would I chase a nigga?” line. Hot girl Meg from the motherfuckin’ south, ladies and gentlemen.

So, if you’ve been panting at the possibility of a summer anthem, look no further than—um—Megan’s entire album, to be honest.


Megan Thee Stallion is here, bitch. Giddy up.

You can stream and purchase Fever on iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music and beyond.

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I’m not much of a rap guy but that parking garage song was really a freestyle? That’s nuts!