Elana Rosenblatt (left) with friend

Fashion producer Elana Rosenblatt, of the environmentally friendly fashion house Reformation, wished everyone a happy Black History Month by posting the above photo to her Instagram account over the weekend, according to Fashionista.com.

But it's fine, ya'll, because she snapped the pic at her black friend's house during a Black History Month celebration, according to an apology issued by her rep.

Rosenblatt then issued her own apology on Facebook 36 hours after removing the image from Instagram. She also thought it important to mention this Black History Month party.

"I would like to express my sincerest apologies to anyone that was hurt or offended by my instagram post last weekend. In no way, shape or form did I intend for that photo and comment to be racist. I celebrate and respect all people regardless of race and I would never intentionally discriminate against anyone. I was at a party in honor of Black History Month that evening, with friends of all different ethnic backgrounds, and I never meant for that photo to be interpreted in any other way.

"I acknowledge that my choice to Instagram that photo was in poor taste. I realize the impact that my words and actions can have, especially as part of a visible fashion brand.

"Thank you for the opportunity to apologize and to learn from my carelessness."


Using this staid and played stereotype to demean African Americans—check out this explainer on its backstory—is so old and unoriginal. And for those thinking about using it in the future, consider this: Most Americans love fried chicken!

One more thing: What, exactly, is a Black History Month house party?

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