Family Feud Contestant Thinks Doctors Pull Gerbils Out of People

Scene from Family Feud            
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I’m not sure when Family Feud turned into Sexual Innuendo Feud, but it seems as though not a week goes by that a contestant doesn’t go all out to give a shocking answer.

Such was the case with Family Feud contestant Darci.

“Name something a doctor might pull out of a person,” host Steve Harvey asked.

So you’re playing at home and thinking:

Teeth? Stitches? A baby?

“A gerbil!” Darci shouted.

Darci went full Richard Gere urban legend. If you’re not familiar with the unconfirmed rumor, allegedly the actor had to get surgery to remove a gerbil from his rectum. And there you have it, folks: All across America, according to Darci, gerbils are being pulled out of people.


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