Fame Is Coming Back to TV on Lifetime

Promotional photo from the 1982 TV show Fame
Promotional photo from the 1982 TV show Fame

Some stories can be told again and again and again. And for American audiences, it seems that bearing witness to several dozen high school students clawing their way to stardom by learning to dance, sing and act will never get old. That's probably why Lifetime is bringing Fame back to the small screen, according to Broadway Black.


Fame started out as a movie in 1980 and was then turned into a critically acclaimed TV series in the mid-1980s starring Debbie Allen and Janet Jackson. A few movie and stage iterations later—making itself a staple in pop culture—reports say the franchise is in early development to be brought back again as a series on the Lifetime network. 

According to Broadway Black, Lifetime executives are hoping the show’s cult following will show this remake some love when it airs, too. In the meantime, check out this clip from the TV series starring Allen. 

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