Faizon Love Had a Profanity Laced Twitter Meltdown as He Showed Support for Bill Cosby

Faizon Love's Twitter
Faizon Love's Twitter

Comedian Faizon Love wasn’t a very popular person on social media over the weekend. The comic, best known for his role as an elf in Elf ,  didn’t exactly win over any new fans after referring to black people as monkeys and women as b—tches on Twitter.


It all started when Love posted a photo on Instagram as a way of showing support for Bill Cosby:

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If that wasn't enough, Love also posted his support for Cosby on Twitter, "I'm gonna say it because Mr.Cosby can't… F—k them b—ches and they mamas to!!! And the house n—ga Hanibal Burress too." But when people offered their opposing views, it escalated rather fast. 

One tweet read, “@brokeymcpoverty look lady f—k you and any b—ch like you, and dont need money #theblackracedontneedyouhoe”

And so on:



Love also went on to harass news personalities Goldie Taylor and Richelle Carey:

“@RichelleCarey listen house b—ch who the f—k are you? Weave wearing I wish I was white dreaming b—ch go play #realblackmenarehere”



After several hours of back and forth, Love still stuck to his opinion about Cosby, but it looks as though an olive branch was offered to Taylor:


Considering Taylor single-handedly proved just how unfunny Love really is, you have to wonder what his PR people think about his fiasco. Somewhere Cosby is thinking to himself, “Who is this Love guy? He’s making me look bad.”