Facebook Shuts Out the Shade Room for ‘Violating Community Standards’

The Shade Room

Facebook is picky when it comes to determining what violates its “community standards,” but apparently the popular celebrity news and gossip site the Shade Room has done just that. Its page, with over 4 million followers, has been removed from the social media platform, and now it must go through an appeals process to recover that page.

The Shade Room creator Angie Nwandu said to BuzzFeed News, “Facebook is a huge driver of our Internet traffic. I’m doing everything in my power to get it back up.”


One of the Shade Room’s investors warned people about starting pages on Facebook:


It’s not the first time TSR has had trouble on its social media accounts. Last year its Instagram page was deleted for copyright violations. But Nwandu doesn’t seem too worried about the Facebook issue.

“I’m going to have to figure out the appeals process,” she said. “If that doesn’t work, we can always rebuild.”

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