Exclusive Clip: A PSA From Gabourey Sidibe—This Is How You Fight for a More Diverse Government

#ALLINFORVOTING - “You Can Make Our Government More Diverse”
#ALLINFORVOTING - “You Can Make Our Government More Diverse”
Screenshot: Courtesy of Amazon Studios

The countdown to Election Day is narrowing and each day counts—not just the day on November 3, but every single day leading up to it (shout-out to early voters).


As part of the impact campaign for All In: The Fight for Democracy (which features Stacey Abrams), Amazon Studios has launched a four-part digital explainer series titled #ALLINFORVOTING to mobilize young voters by teaching them about voter suppression and encouraging them to get out and vote.

In an exclusive video sent to The Root called “You Can Make Our Government More Diverse,” Gabourey Sidibe narrates a slew of ridiculously non-progressive stats and provides the scoop on how we can vote for and demand candidates who better represent our identities and life experiences.

#ALLINFORVOTING - “You Can Make Our Government More Diverse” / Courtesy of Amazon Studios

Sidibe has already been about that voting activism life, having led another campaign called #WorkThePolls so of course, she’s keeping that same energy.

She notes that in this nation’s entire history we have only had one non-white president and absolutely no women, non-Christians, and no one in the LGBTQ community represented. Congress is made up of 75 percent men and as Sidibe says, the senate is a “diversity disaster” with a makeup of 91 percent white folks.

A clusterfuck. So what does she suggest? Demand parties support more diverse candidates, make your voice heard at the ballot box by voting, and—this is probably the most urgent step—put pressure on government leaders to protect everyone’s right to vote.

But I’m not really doing it justice with this written summary; get into Sidibe’s eagerly animated voice in the above video.

All In: The Fight for Democracy is now available to stream on Amazon Prime Video.

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This was a very well developed, rapid fire video. Sidibe’s work on this was near perfect.