Exactly 1 Good, Weird Thing Happened on Twitter This Week, and Lakeith Stanfield Was Involved

Lakeith Stanfield, Lakeith Stanfield-ing
Photo: Kevork Djansezian (Getty Images)

If you were on Twitter this week, then surely you know that it was a messy tornado hellscape of “Make America Great Again” hats and free thought and Bill Cosby apologists—all of this on top of the nonreading Ye-holes that tend to dominate the site on a daily basis. (If this doesn’t apply to you, can we switch timelines? Please?)

But one good thing happened on the site this week! And none other than our perpetual fave Lakeith Stanfield was behind it.


As Aisha Harris writes for Slate, on Thursday, the actor and consummate weirdo decided he wanted to get to know his fans a little better. In a move reminiscent of his oddball Atlanta character Darius, Stanfield posted his actual phone number on a tweet that read, simply, “I wanna say Hi to some of you guys.”

It took him about five minutes to realize that was a mistake.

Screenshot: Lakeith Stanfield’s tweets (Slate)

Stanfield deleted the tweets, but he left this one up from early Thursday morning:


And the internerts love you back, my dear.

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