Rachel Roy
Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

While the world was knee-deep in Beyoncé’s Lemonade Saturday night, I was knee-deep in the amazing film Jungle Book. But I knew, outside that movie theater and on the Internet, the world was all #Lemonade. 

Millions of think pieces have been written about Beyoncé’s ode to black womanhood. Well, maybe not millions, but you get my drift. But this isn't a think piece about Beyoncé’s Lemonade. It's a think piece about Rachel Roy and the allegations of cheating with Jay Z.

As I'm sure everyone already knows, Roy, a designer who was once married to Jay Z’s business partner Dame Dash, caught the fire of the terrorist group known as the Beyhive when she posted an Instagram photo alluding to being the “Becky with the good hair.” The post was taken as a direct reference to Beyoncé’s song in which she boldly claims that she wasn’t taking any more s—t from the cheater in her life. Mind you, we don’t even know if she was talking about Jay Z, her father or some imaginary scenario. 

But anyways.

Clearly, Roy stepped into a pile of s—t with her Instagram post. Did she not know that the Beyhive has a sting the size of a million wasps? Apparently not. But here’s the funny thing. If these allegations of cheating rumors are true, why is Roy the subject of so much hate online? And not just Roy, but her kids.


Roy wasn’t the one who made the vows to Beyoncé. That was Jay Z. 

It seems as though it’s always the other woman who’s on the receiving end of the hate, and this real or imaginary scenario with Jay Z is no different. But is all forgiven with Jay Z because he lay down at Beyoncé’s feet in the video? Or because he apologized and confessed his undying love? 

As someone who’s been on both sides of the cheating coin, I actually feel sorry for the threats and vitriol that Roy has received. And yes, cheating is bad. Have some self-respect and don’t get caught up in being the other woman or man. But also, how about men and women not cheat on those they claim to love? But when they do, the world should hold them accountable, not the person who didn't make the vows.


On the other hand, I have 99 problems, and someone else's relationship ain't one of them. But it definitely makes for good record sales.