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Erykah Badu in 2014
Brad Barket/Getty Images
Erykah Badu in 2014
Brad Barket/Getty Images

Erykah Badu is about peace, so she recorded a video on Twitter, apologizing to Iggy Azalea for the little jokey-jokey she made at the Soul Train Awards. (Badu said that what Azalea does is not hip-hop.)

During her apology, Badu revealed that her two daughters, Puma and Mars, listen to Azalea, and then made a joke saying that since her daughters love Azalea so much, they ought to go and be with her.


"I want to do this for my daughters. I want to apologize to Iggy Azalea because she's one of their favorite artists. … But if y'all love her so much, why don't y'all go and be with her then?" Badu asked jokingly. 


"Is Iggy Azalea gon' miss the healing seminar so she can go up to the school, sit across from the teacher so she can tell you all y'all been doing is talking to your neighbor, not getting your lesson?" Badu continued. Very funny.

Azalea responded with a cute note on Twitter, inviting Badu's two daughters and their closest friends to her concert.

"Hey Erykah, [t]ell the kids I'm a big fan of mom, even if we don't agree where to file my music in their iTunes folders," Azalea wrote.



Nice that Mars and Puma scored concert tickets after this ordeal. 

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