Erick Sermon in 2013
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Hip-hop pioneer Erick Sermon has let his homophobia show once again. In an interview with TMZ, Sermon was asked about Bruce Jenner and his transition. Why? Who knows. But with his history of negative comments about the LGBT community, TMZ knew what it was doing.

“Do you think something like that will ever be acceptable in hip-hop?” the camera person asked.


"No,” Sermon stated bluntly.

In Sermon’s eyes, a transgender rapper would be a misrepresentation of hip-hop and would be taking the culture “too far.” One has to wonder why Sermon thinks a transgender person wouldn’t be able to represent hip-hop. If you got bars, you got bars. And with hip-hop culture in need of reviving, Sermon should broaden his own horizons.


In his rant, Sermon even went so far as to mention Michael Sam’s hopes of being in the NFL and how his sexuality got in the way of those dreams. It’s interesting how Sermon praised Jenner for revealing his truth, but didn’t see how, in the same breath, he could actually be killing the dreams of a would-be transgender rapper.

But guess what? Sermon has a lot to learn in his life, and it’s a shame that someone so entrenched in hip-hop refuses to let it evolve and embrace everyone. I remember once upon a time, Sermon had issues with gay rappers. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say Sermon “doth protest too much” when it comes to LGBT issues. 

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