David Justice, 2012; Eric Benét

There’s nothing like a Petty Murphy. And it’s even funnier when two successful men feel the need to dish dirt on social media about their mutual ex who’s currently going through a divorce. When the wonder-petty twins, David Justice and Eric Benét, activated their petty powers on Twitter, everyone seemed to root for them, but there were others who offered them a seat to go sit down and shut the hell up.

First there was David Justice, who in a tweet tirade defended himself against physical-abuse accusations. Sure. Of course anyone would want to clear his name some 20 years later. Even though it was well-documented that he wasn’t the one who Halle Berry alleged beat her. So he cleared his name, then threw Wesley Snipes under the bus, claiming that he was the culprit. Duh. No one has never not known this.


But Justice also warned Berry’s now-estranged husband, Olivier Martinez, about Berry. But doesn’t Justice know how relationships work? Everyone knows that when something goes bad, someone is going to get blamed. Hell, Justice may not have physically abused Berry, but allegedly being caught trying to solicit prostitutes is right up there on the “How S—tty a Man Can You Be?” scale.

Now Justice is backtracking, saying a sort of “My bad. I didn’t mean what I tweeted.” Those pettier tweets were since deleted, but he did state: “She was mad at me leaving the relationship so she and her Hollywood Team just tried to destroy my character. It had to be my fault, right?”

And he tweeted this: “It just makes me mad to still see the same lie being perpetuated about the source of her abuse being me, Never happened!”

Late Tuesday, Justice once again took to Twitter to defend himself in a series of tweets:


“My intention was not to bash Halle, as I specifically said that Halle has NEVER verbally said it,” he wrote. “I just wished that when the rumors were out”

“She could’ve squashed them at that time,” he continued. “I have 3 kids and a wife for 15 years. It was important that my kids knew that their dad didn’t do”


What has been so regularly reported over the years. Now that Halle has confirmed the truth, I will go back to my coaching and mentoring”

The kids in my community, coaching baseball, football and basketball. Say what you want about me because I’m far from perfect, but don’t say”


that I hit Halle. My mom didn’t raise me that way. Now, I’ll go back into my little small place on this earth and be quiet….Peace!”

Yeah, quiet is something that I’m sure isn’t going to happen. After Justice offered his rant, here came another ex-husband of Berry’s.


Barefoot-fungus bohemian singer Eric Benét felt the need to chime in. Now, let’s reminisce about Benét. He was far from a golden boy during his marriage to Berry. There was that looming sex addiction that caused him to have a wandering penis. Now, what woman in her right mind would want to put up with that? Berry said, “Nah” and jetted.

Benét seemed to agree with everything Justice tweeted and threw in his own tweet for good measure:


Dude, go sit down and clean your feet. Benét is the last person who needed to chime in.


But that’s what men do. They team up to whine like a bunch of Golden Girls when they’re dumped by a woman.

Now, with all of that said, no one is giving Berry a pass for choosing s—tty men. There’s been a lot of them. Hell, there are women out there who do it every day. And yes, there is something wrong with us. Yes, “us.” I have been one of those women to pick the s—ttiest of men. And it’s that “something” that we either figure out along the way and rid ourselves of, or it’s that “something” that we act as if doesn’t exist.


But what does exist in Berry’s life are two petty-ass ex-husbands who need to stay away from social media. Ironically, Gabriel Aubry hasn’t put in his two cents, probably because he is busy counting the cents he gets from Berry every month. 

The funny thing is, women like Berry are always dissected and discussed as to why they can’t keep a man. And then you have men like Steve Harvey—well, everyone knows his history, but this tweet perfectly sums it up:


If Berry ever comes out with her relationship book, I’m going to be the first one to buy it because it has to be better than the stuff Harvey has been peddling over the years.

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