Ellen DeGeneres and Michelle Obama Create Havoc in CVS

First lady Michelle Obama and Ellen DeGeneres at a CVS in Hollywood, Calif.
YouTube Screenshot

Michelle Obama appeared on Ellen DeGeneres' talk show Tuesday and chatted about leaving the White House soon. There were quite a few things that the first lady said she was looking forward to once she's back in the "real world," and on Wednesday, DeGeneres picked one place in particular to get Obama back into the swing of things.

(One common shopping excursion that I actually love is CVS. I mean, where else can I get a receipt that's about as long as my arm? And let's not forget those CVS ExtraCare Bucks! I just cashed $10 in on Tuesday.)


DeGeneres and the first lady spent some time at a Hollywood, Calif., CVS and went on a little shopping excursion of their own. Of course, the hilarity followed.

“You push the basket because nobody’s going to push it for you,” DeGeneres told the first lady.

Take a look at the video below:

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