Elementary School Chorus Brings Teacher With Cancer to Tears With Song Dedication

Chorus of Public School 22 in Staten Island, N.Y.
YouTube screenshot

A group of fifth-graders in New York City brought a teacher to tears recently by showing just how much they appreciate her. But these fifth-graders aren’t your ordinary kids. They make up the popular Public School 22 chorus out of Staten Island, N.Y.

The chorus, led by Gregg Breinberg, has been featured everywhere from The Ellen DeGeneres Show to just about every New York City news show. But what made this most recent performance special was the teacher to whom it was dedicated.


The students serenaded Adriana Lopez with Martina McBride’s “I’m Gonna Love You Through It” as each of them held a pink carnation. Lopez was recently diagnosed with cancer, and the children wanted to do something special for her.

As the students started singing, tears began streaming down Lopez’s face.

“Thank you for this special moment,” she told them. “It’s not easy. It’s not easy, but I will get through it because I have amazing friends.”

Watch the video below, and make sure you have a tissue handy.

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