Eff That Little Album You’re Asking For, Rihanna Is on a Boat With Her Boo and His Fam

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Rihanna and her billionaire boo Hassan Jameel have gotten an early start on their summer of love, it seems! The pair were recently spotted by photographers off the Amalfi Coast¸—a luxe Italian destination I was first introduced to by another billionaire, Jay-Z, when he rapped about that shit in 2006. (And there you have the extent of my experience with the Amalfi Coast.)

And allegedly (!) Jameel’s family was in tow for this trip, according to the photo agency that took the pics, Elle reports. This suggests the pair (who have been together for more than two years) are still going strong.

Peep the pics below:


Check out Jameel’s big-ass smile (who wouldn’t look at Rihanna that way?? WHOMST?), and Rihanna’s equally love-smitten gaze. The head on the shoulder! That made-for-yachting-with-your-rich-mans-and-his-fam white dress! Jameel’s little fedora game!

In a recent interview with T Magazine, Rihanna mentioned that she moved to London earlier this year, which just so happens to be Jameel’s home base as well. Now, this could be convenient for the pop star turned fashion and business mogul for a number of reasons: namely that her Fenty fashion line is designed and manufactured in Paris and Italy. Still, it certainly makes scheduling date nights a touch easier.

I’m for any woman getting her life and looking this sun-kissed and happy, let alone my one true spiritual leader, Pope Robyn Rihanna Fenty. And it just so happens that Rihanna-in-lurve is my favorite Fenty palette. Studio time can wait.

Staff writer, The Root.

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Me: I love these pictures she looks fantastic and happy. She deserves it.

Cynical Me: After Janet wound up practically wearing burqas in public, I’m giving billionaire Saudis the side-eye.

Whenever the album comes out, I’ll be scooping it up. I got Lizzo to get me through the summer.