#EbonyOwes: Ebony Magazine Is Blocking Writers It Still Hasn’t Paid

Ebony magazine
Ebony magazine

Look at Chance the Rapper looking all dapper on the cover of June’s Ebony issue. You’d think that with a cover story that gives an in-depth look at Chance’s career and rise to fame, the person who’d wrote that article would have gotten paid by now? Nope. Not in the world of Ebony.

According to the writer, Adrienne Samuels Gibbs, she still hasn’t gotten paid, and the magazine has even blocked her on Twitter:


Gibbs isn’t the only one who’s had the block handed down to them by Ebony; as the #EbonyOwes drama continues, it seems as though if you complain, you’re quickly blocked by the person running the magazine’s Twitter account:


The #EbonyOwes story began to unfold in April after writer Jagger Blaec called Ebony out for nonpayment. And shortly following her article on Medium, other writers spoke out about not being paid.

It is now almost June, and two months later, it seems as though nothing has changed over at Ebony. As a few people have pointed out, Ebony has been hosting events and the website for its owner, Clear View Group LLC, has gotten a face-lift, so apparently it has money to pay people. Just not the money to pay the people who keep the magazine printable with their articles. You’d think Ebony would have a surplus after firing half of its digital staff?

Bye, Kinja! It's been fun (occasionally).

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“Class action” is a phrase that might prove useful.