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Dwyane Wade Goes for the Vampire in Brooklyn Meets Saturday Night Fever Look in Esquire Photo Shoot

Dwyane Wade via Instagram
Dwyane Wade via Instagram

Dwyane Wade recently did a photo shoot with Esquire and figured he'd boast about it on Instagram. Wade posted one photo from the shoot Tuesday, but he garnered a lot of laughs afterward.


People were confused and wondered whether Wade was channeling a magician. Or MC Hammer? Or a vampire? Or maybe he was dressed as MC Hammer dressed as a vampire?


Apparently, from Wade's use of #ifyoucantpullitoffyouwontunderstandit, this outfit is beyond a regular person's comprehension. But many are just left trying to comprehend: "Why?"



As a fan of rompers and jumpsuits, I cannot condone this. And it's not because he's a dude in a romper. It's because his fingers are actually creeping me out more than anything. Also, pleats are so 1985. Well, actually, so is this jumpsuit. I get it—this is an early #throwbackthursday!

It all makes sense now. 

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