Dude Explains Why He Cheated on His Girlfriend, #HurtBae, in Viral Video; Twitter Explains Why He’s a Jerk


Being cheated on sucks. But being cheated on, allowing yourself to sit in front of the person who cheated on you and watch him or her explain why, and then having the video go viral sucks even more. And that’s exactly what happened to model Kourtney Jorge’ and her ex-dirt-dawg of a boyfriend, Leonard.

The Scene posted a video of Kourtney and Jorge Wednesday afternoon, and it was hard to watch not only because of the amount of pain you could tell Kourtney was dealing with, but because Leonard seemed like he didn’t give a fuck about his cheating and showed no remorse.


This shit was so upsetting. Only because I’ve known a Leonard.

“I did everything. I’ve had sex with other girls. I did everything,” Leonard said.

Leonard said that their relationship changed when Kourtney started going through his phone, obviously because she suspected he was cheating. Although the video didn’t note how long they had been in a relationship, it’s safe to say there was some substantial time put in.

Kourtney even told about the time she caught him in a room with another woman and Leonard told her to leave.


In typical dirt-dawg fashion, Leonard asked Kourtney if she’d had to go through his phone, why didn’t she just leave him? Yeah, well, love makes a person do stupid things.

How many times did Leonard cheat? Well, he said, “I wasn’t counting.”



Well, just in case you wanted to know what Twitter thought, it wasn’t here for Leonard and his shit.


Even after all of those tears, Kourtney was able to forgive Leonard because he’s her “best friend.” With best friends like Leonard, who needs enemies?

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