Madonna and Drake

Sunday night, Drake probably bought a lifetime supply of Listerine after being kissed on (and in) the mouth by Madonna. The Canadian rapper was the headline act for Sunday’s Coachella event in California and brought Madonna onstage for a mini set.

And he probably wishes he hadn’t.

During the set, Madonna performed “Human Nature,” “Hung Up” and “Express Yourself,” and that’s when Drake took a seat and Madonna went in for the kill—I mean kiss. As she sang “Bitch, I'm Madonna,” she planted a big one on Drake’s mouth. If you ever look up the definition of “recoil,” you’ll probably see a photo of Drake’s face after that kiss. And even those on social media recoiled after seeing the video of the kiss:

Drake, I feel for you. I really do. No one should be subjected to that, especially against his or her will. Gargle. Rinse. Repeat.