Drake and His Dad Star in New Virginia Black Whiskey Ad

@ChampagnePapi via Instagram screenshot
@ChampagnePapi via Instagram screenshot

Dennis Graham is partly responsible for bringing Drake into the world, and over the last couple of years, he’s grown his own fan base. From his outlandish church suits to the bevy of women with whom he surrounds himself, he’s giving his son a run for his money when it comes to showing up and showing out. And now he’s taking his showmanship on the road—well, to a commercial.


Drake and Dennis Graham are in a new ad for Virginia Black Whiskey, and of course, the comedy is present. Drake attempts to holler at a woman (Nicole Murphy), but apparently she likes them a little older, and passes up Drake for his dad.


Drake and Virginia Black’s CEO and co-founder Brent Hocking launched the whiskey brand in 2016 and wanted the marketing and drink to have a ’70s vibe.

“Drake really connected with that and was all in at that point,” Hocking said. “He had a lot to contribute. His dad [Dennis Graham] is a famous musician from that era.”

Bye, Kinja! It's been fun (occasionally).

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So...Virginia Black is a liquor made for people who like uncles at bbqs & social functions that involve stunting in linen for no reason.

So Virginia Black is a liquor made for me.