Don’t Let Dave Chappelle Know You Voted for Trump During His Stand-Up Show

YouTube screenshot
YouTube screenshot

Because you might just get your ass escorted out.

One argyle-sweater-wearing white guy learned that lesson during Dave Chappelle’s Monday-night stand-up show in Inglewood, Calif.


While Chappelle was joking about how many people were uploading his show to YouTube, he started to talk about President Barack Obama’s last days in office and the start of the Cheetos-elect’s presidency.

“Well, a few more days left and it’s so long, Obama,” Chappelle said. “Donald Trump is gonna take the reins and be our president.”

“I voted for Trump!” yelled the guy in the argyle sweater.

And that’s when security escorted him out of the audience.

“I’ve never seen a motherfucker get circled by security whilst wearing an argyle sweater,” Chappelle said as security surrounded the guy.


“Security, please,” Chappelle said. “Let’s expedite that and let’s move on.”

Hey, if you’re proud of who you voted for, yell it from the rafters. But don’t think it won’t come with some repercussions.

Bye, Kinja! It's been fun (occasionally).

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I believe he was escorted out, not because he was declaring who he voted for, but for constantly yelling at the stage. That might be a house rule or a Chappelle rule, either way it’s pretty reasonable. He repeatedly shouted it out in an attempt to engage the stage.