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Editor’s note: This post contains social media messages that some may find offensive.

Now, why would a person leave his bag in a restaurant if he was planning on doing a dine and dash? That’s the exact question comedian Donnell Rawlings is asking after video was released of him fighting at a Philly restaurant.


Rawlings was apparently eating at Little Pete’s in Philadelphia on Sunday and stepped outside to smoke a cigarette, according to TMZ. But the diner’s employees thought he was stepping out on his tab. A fight broke out, and Rawlings seemed to get knocked out by one of the employees.

In the video, you can see Rawlings arguing with someone believed to be the owner as he keeps asking for his bag.

Rawlings took to Twitter to dispute the claims that he was dining and dashing:

But he also made light of it when he retweeted a video from Charlamagne tha God:

It looks as though Rawlings is doing his best to clear his name.

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