Shaun King’s tweet

Donald Trump was in full swing with his rhetoric Monday when it comes to banning immigrants from the U.S. Trump, in true Trump fashion, responded to the Orlando, Fla., shooting by blaming President Barack Obama and saying that if he were president, he’d ban all Muslim immigrants.

“The bottom line is that the only reason the killer was in America in the first place was because we allowed his family to come here,” Trump stated.

Trump said that as president he would suspend immigration from any countries or regions that could present a threat to the U.S., and said if America doesn’t get “tough” about the country’s immigration laws, “we’re not going to have our country anymore.”

Now let’s look at Trump’s flawed logic from the point of view of a tweet from New York Daily News writer Shaun King.



If Trump knew anything about mass shootings, he’d realize that the vast majority of them were committed by white people men. Now, of course, white American men aren’t foreigners, so shutting down the borders wouldn’t do any good. But if we’re staying with Trump’s rhetoric … we should send them back … to somewhere … but that’s where some major planning would need to take place.

I propose that Donald Trump gather up all the white men in the U.S. and take them on a field trip to the Caucasus Mountains and basically stay there.

See how asinine his own rhetoric sounds when the tables are turned?