Donald Trump Uses 'Let Me Clear My Throat' to Come for Joe Biden and DC Legend DJ Kool Isn't Here for It

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For almost 25 years, “Let Me Clear My Throat” has provided the soundtrack to nearly every black ass gathering, from pool parties and graduations to weddings, game nights and family cookouts. While DJ Kool takes tremendous pride in the ubiquity of his breakthrough 1996 single, one place you should never find this song is in Donald Trump’s Twitter feed.


Yet here we are, nearly five months into arguably the worst year ever, and our alleged president is posting doctored videos coming for Barack Obama’s pool boy, Joe Biden, with a complimentary side of go-go music.

In the aforementioned clip, Biden struggles through a cringe-worthy explanation of how he relates to the black community before he’s interrupted by Trump/Pence 2020 campaign signage as “Let Me Clear My Throat” blares in the background.

In response, DJ Kool took to Instagram and cleared his throat in order to address the matter.

“I am the legendary DJ Kool,” he began. “And for all my Instagram followers who saw that Trump Twitter post with him using my song in the background, I just want all of y’all to know that I didn’t have a damn thing to do with that. I got my people on top of that situation right now.”


The veteran DJ is far from the first musician to object to Trump’s use of their music, as Pharrell Williams and Rihanna are among countless artists to do the same in recent years.


Trump has yet to respond publicly to DJ Kool’s request, but expect an orange-hued, petty reply sooner than later.

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I can’t front, I laughed when the song came on and not because I knew for a fact DJ Kool didn’t ok this bullshit. The irony of choosing these specific song lyrics to use for a campaign video, during a global pandemic which causes severe respiratory problems, is gold.