Donald Trump Looked Directly Into the Eclipse and Unfortunately Did Not Spontaneously Combust

CNN screenshot

If there was one thing I wished to happen during all of this eclipse hoopla, it was for Donald Trump to somehow spontaneously combust after looking at it directly. Little did I realize that the president, like many other people, would be dumb enough to look directly at the eclipse without eye protection.

But, of course, he was.

Look at Melania, eyes covered, black dress, looking like a Russian spy. Look at Trump, looking like ... well ... the idiot that he is.


Trump looking at the eclipse is what great comedy tweets are made of:


After Trump glanced up at science unfolding before his very own eyes, he then headed back to the Oval Office and wondered why everything was so blurry. Only to have Melania explain to him why he needed glasses, to which Trump replied, “Fake news.”

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