Jorge Ramos (far left); Donald Trump
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If you took a look at any of Donald Trump’s recent appearances and press conferences, you’d think you were standing in the middle of some bizarro alternate-reality world. At the podium is one of the world’s richest men, wearing one of the world’s worst spray tans and a comb-over that has an appearance similar to that of some unidentifiable carcass.

His rhetoric and ideas don’t make any sense. But yet and still, here we are. Trump thinks he can be president. The biggest troll in the world is running for president, and he is the front-runner for the Republican nomination.


Welcome to “The Freak Show.”

On Tuesday, during another sensationalized presser, Trump went full racist Trump and kicked out famed Univision journalist Jorge Ramos. (Univision is the parent company of The Root.) All Ramos wanted to do was ask a simple question. But Trump dealt with him as he would probably deal with all Latinos in the U.S: He deported him from the room.

“Go back to Univision!” Trump yelled at Ramos.

He might as well have said, “Go back to Mexico,” since Trump is the type to think all Latinos are from Mexico. Trump also thinks there are “illegals” in Ferguson, Mo., causing all of the mayhem. I’m going to assume Trump has never met an “illegal” in his life (well, besides perhaps the European ones he married), or anyone from Ferguson, Mo.


Every time Trump opens his mouth, he spews the kind of right-wing hate that has those like David Duke, the former king of the Ku Klux Klan, throwing in their endorsements. Trump is the worst kind of troll there is.

Trump is the troll that gets those with the same hateful views riled up. They’re like a bunch of angry villagers, waving sticks, wanting to rid the world of “scum.”


These are the people who need Trump. These are the people who are glad that there’s someone who is just as ignorant and racist as they are, who is given a microphone and podium with which to spew hatred.

As other countries laugh and point at what’s shaping up to be a circus of an election, Trump is behind the wheel of a clown car, just trying to squeeze in as many clowns with him as he can.


Trump isn’t what America wants or needs. Trump is what racist America wants and needs. He’s trolling, and unfortunately, his clowns are clamoring behind him.

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